How We Work

The Client comes to XEDI Corporation with some business needs or idea, often not fully formed and clear. We offer options of collaboration and services depending on the request. Understanding that your idea needs protection, we guarantee your information privacy from a third party and sign the NDA. In order to best organize our future collaboration, we offer three different types of contracts:
  • the Fixed Price, Time & Materials
  • BFS (Budget with Float Scope)
  • Outstaffing
The contract type option is chosen depending on the amount of work, your wishes, the depth, and uniqueness of understanding the requirements for functionality, the availability of documentation.
The start of work begins with the signing of an agreement by email. Work is usually divided into 2-4-week stages. We perform the stages, and the client pays only for accepted results.
After completion of the work, the entire warranty period, the bug-fixing is at our own expense.

Full-Cycle Development Process

The work on the project is divided into the following phases:
Discovery phase
requirements gathering
and analysis
Development phase
design, front-end and
back-end development
full lifecycle testing starting with requirements stage up to final testing at the release and deployment stages
deployment of the
system on the customer's
quality guarantee
period and customer

Our History

We have technical expertise, faith in hardworking, give priority to customer satisfaction, honor to business ethics, have clear vision and have confidence to handle worst situation in best manner. For us two things are most respectable :
We know this time is highly competitive time for any industry or organisation, we always try to help our customers to make hem winner by giving quick, best services, so that he can deliver best to market.
XEDI Corporation is not limited to any industry or any technology, our profile page can prove our expertise areas of service. We believe “if our customers will grow, we will definitely grow”.
Start the oragantion with Small Projects

We started with small static websites designing. Also we started engaging ourself to train new young professional team.

Medium Sized Projects

At this stage we were managing team of 10 developers with 15 mediumm sized projects.

New Technologies Introduced

Bt 2015, we were able to develop projects on various technologies including Andriod, ios apps.

Current Era

Equipped with expert team of 100+ developers from almost all current technologies with full confidance to handle large projects or solutions.